No Understanding

There is no one in my life
No son , no daughter, no beautiful wife
Loneliness cuts me like a cold rusted knife
Loneliness is stealing and wasting my life

If I get excited it is only pride
When you can't share, it stays inside
With no one to celebrate it turns to cries
Accomplishments only lead to tears in my eyes

No cards, no presents, no summer night walks
No Sunday breakfast, no visits, no talks
My door will never have a family knock
My heart beat is only the tic of a clock

Like being a prisoner inside of a cell
Or a little creature living in a shell
Like falling into a deep water well
With no one to hear, I have no yell

Loneliness taunts me and tortures my soul
My dreams are kept in a little dark hole
I imagine a family is like a fast river's roll
And I can only observe from the top of a knoll

Your family is like a garden full of rows
Your actions are the raindrops for the seeds that you sew
Your words are the sunshine that makes it all grow
Appreciate what you have and there will be no weeds to hoe

If I could only go back and change the past
Oh the kingdom I'd make, with a queen as my half
Like a hammer on an anvil, I'd forge a family that would last
I would build a great castle to see lands so vast

I am alone and this is how I feel
A nobody existing and losing my zeal
Let you be a somebody with a wonderful family
And to be alone, may you have no understanding!