A dose of desperation
And meeting expectations
But still our hearts feel so detached

Here, here we fall again
For the same old tricks
Boredom and loneliness
Watching the flames ignite the match

Glossy views of tattered SKUs
A burning desire to destroy
To destruct what we employ

Searching long to be the type
That never has to think twice
But we are the kind to clarify

We hold our breath in faith
But we are the ones who wait
To make sure it's alright
Even if it means missing out

Exhale and keep it in
For your fire tastes like wind
And there's nothing you can do about it

I am the ashes and remains
Of the clinically insane
My flesh embodies their spirits
Never quite indulging in it

Our minds, so inspired
But too practical to transpire
Shamed one too many times

Wash, don't let me down
Distort the sound of my everyday life
For I need some cult to satisfy

Psychotic as we may be
We wake up and we go to sleep
As our human hearts beat
But I am you
And you are me