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    I couldn't ignore it
    i was just sitting there
    hearing this kid crying
    i felt his stare
    i have my bad days, so I ain't crying
    thinking out of the box, these underlying problems
    how can i try to solve them
    Got my headphones on
    Getting lost in my world, and all its nonsense
    this kid needs a hero, he escapes through his comics
    i obsess about it all, damn I think I'm now growing a conscious
    his eyes look up like the sky is falling
    i see him as he is walking,
    watching out for when he can start flying
    he doesn't seem to care if he falls
    he knows one day he'll end up in The Hall
    With His picture next to The Greats
    it's the kid, I'll never forget
    The face I can't escape

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    This is amazing! Keep writing! DON'T LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING BRING YOU DOWN!!!!!!


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      Thank you, very much appreciated.


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        Wonderful twist, kids escapes through comics, the face I can't escape. Can you please tell me why the I's are sometimes capitalized and sometimes not? Is this for enunciation? Wish I could hear it read aloud! Good job!