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  • Greater Understanding

    The view from our bodies window,
    Blind to things that only time allows us to forget.
    Cause and effect,
    It comes full circle,
    Lives filled with self inflicted human regret.
    I see them looking through me now,
    If I tell them what they want to hear,
    Would they see it as truth?
    Or accept it as the misunderstood fact society will allow?
    The touch of your hand,
    Leaves yearning for the feeling only freedom can understand.
    Yet desire for love, considered a sin,
    And judgement can't see what you have to offer,
    Forcing back feelings hidden deep within.
    Karma's a Bitch,
    You'll get what you give in the end,
    Try to make sense of the familiar unknown,
    Every breath,
    One step closer to calling us home.