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  • ADBC

    Why do I feel like you
    Are laying awake in bed
    It's six am
    And I still haven't slept
    I want to keep my eyes open

    He told me if I feel hate
    I should let it burn
    I wish it away
    At his lack of concern
    Enraged by pain
    Goes by the name Woe

    I find my mind roaming
    To dodgy street corners
    A quick transaction
    And I'm feeling alert

    Should I rove down the path
    I'd best avert
    I will face the same consequence
    As my mother

    I don't mean to place flowers
    On my own grave
    But I'm infatuated
    With her biggest mistake
    Risking hypocrisy
    Just to stay awake
    I will learn
    The hard way

    I've circled around it
    My entire existence
    Phases and cycles
    Different definitions
    It's not uncommon, no
    But it's not right

    I have so much left to discover
    Didn't you ever wonder?

    It's the metaphor
    Between my teeth
    The blade of a razor
    Tucked in my sleeve
    The things I crave
    But surely cannot eat

    My bank statement will be short
    There'll be nothing left to report
    How ironic to explore
    The same time you left
    Your self-respect at the shore
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    • spensuh
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      I usually don't take compliments personally, but you sort of kind of made my day, so thank you!