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Understanding Anne

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  • Understanding Anne

    Understanding Anne

    Bright young girl, a brilliant mind
    Life worth living left behind

    Trapped in a cage, her wings clipped
    Death all around her, to hope, she gripped

    Her weapon, the written word
    Memory of the flightless bird

    Six million bodies litter the ground
    Souls to G-d, heaven-bound

    Monsters with guns, death camps so fiery
    Could not extinguish the legacy of her diary

    Her optimism rising like ashes to the sky
    Through written words her imprint shall never die

    Taking her body, making it bleed
    But when the cage breaks open, her soul is freed

    Whips cracked, guns fired
    The motionless bodies, stacked and piled

    Living a nightmare, unbearable fears
    Screams and prayers fall on deaf ears

    On her knees, dripping with tears and perspiration
    Her body scraping against rocks, so close to liberation

    She almost made it, but ran out of time
    Ran the race, but died on the finish line

    By Avah Dickinson, Age 12