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Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain

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  • Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain

    Once upon a time in a little place
    One was the other's very bane
    Merely because of a simple efface
    Sun, moon, stars, rain

    No memory of each other can you ever think
    A very memory is all but a shun
    No memory of those hearts sink
    Moon, stars, rain, sun

    Don't remember, don't comprehend
    Don't understand too soon
    Remembering that though death is not the end
    Stars, rain, sun, moon

    One more chance to speak out to each other
    They cast a look at each other from afar
    Their lips moving, a misty smother
    Rain, sun, moon, stars

    But no acknowledgement is displayed
    She is not his lover, he not her swain
    Because words are not ever portrayed
    Sun, moon, stars, rain

    (Author's Message: I'm sure you're very confused. What's going on? Well, basically, two lovers don't talk to each other so long, they forget each other exist. The "sun, moon, stars, rain" part show time passage. Then, in the last two stanzas, it says that they might remember--they might talk to each other once again and remember their love--but they abolish it by not speaking, a "misty smother". A "swain" is a woman's lover, a man that loves a particular woman. This poem is partially {sort of, not really} inspired by ee cumming's "anyone lived in a pretty how town" {<---- exactly how it looks like})