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I Wish You Understood This Beast

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  • I Wish You Understood This Beast

    Note to readers: I was diagnosed with MS at the age of 17(I just turned 19) and I just wanted to write about what it feels like.

    I wish you understood this Beast.
    He lives inside my body.
    I have to make sure I feed him.
    When he’s fed he’s harmless.
    It’s like he’s not even there,
    But when he’s hungry it’s so hard to bear.

    I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce him.
    He’s the thug of my body.
    His name is Multiple Sclerosis.
    They call him MS for short.
    He lives in my spinal cord and brain.
    The main cause of my troubles, he is the main.

    He can sometimes be a hassle when he’s fed,
    But only when he’s hot, so he hates summer.
    When he’s hot he makes me suffer.
    He’ll mess with my vision.
    He’ll give me a migraine.
    He’ll give me anything involving pain.

    One type of pain that I hate the most is the burning.
    It can be my legs, arms, neck, my back.
    It’s like lighting strikes through that body part,
    And it causes my body to catch on fire.
    I cry and scream; I’m in pain, can you tell?
    I feel like I’m suffering inside of hell.

    The beast also gives me dizziness.
    He spins me around until I can’t walk straight.
    And people look at me like I’m drunk.
    I promise I’m not, he did this to me.
    They don’t listen because they don’t understand.
    I just wish that this beast could be damned!

    I hate him, I really hate him!
    Why did he have to do this to me?
    He came when I was only seventeen.
    I’m so young and I have to deal with him.
    I have to deal with him for the rest of my life
    Kill this beast, he’s causing so much strife!

    Maybe one day people will understand my pain.
    And I hope someone will figure out how to kill him.
    He needs to be gone forever.
    I want to enjoy life without him.
    When he’s gone I’ll throw a huge feast!
    I wish you understood this beast.

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    This poem is a real eye-opener. Thanks for sharing.


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      Excellent poem, kid. Way to put it out there. No doubt.