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  • Red Lights

    With one last sip, she starts to slip
    her mind is gone, she's lost her grip.
    An image comes she'll not forget
    of hellish anguish in a pit.

    She drifted back to childhood years
    when she would play often in tears.
    Her brother's pranks that stranded her
    on creek bed rocks became a blur.

    Still farther back in mem'ry past
    she saw herself as sinking fast
    into a tub of pouring rain
    afraid of swooshing down the drain.

    And now the mind's eye takes its turn
    she flags, unable to discern
    her left from right or up from down;
    no color left, all things are brown.

    Her hearing's next to take a dip
    and then her heart begins to skip.
    Was her glass laced with l-s-d
    or opiates in poppy tea?

    No great harm done, she saw red lights,
    and learned a lesson, learned her rights.
    Was it pure luck she did not flip?
    She never took another trip.
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