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    My best friend didn't understand my kind attitude towards people who treated me poorly and asked why I was nice to people who didn't deserve my kindness. At the time, I didn't know the answer, so I shrugged my shoulders. Later, I realized why.

    After finishing my test in class,
    I looked around the room,
    A boy who wore round glasses always did the best in every subject,
    Even though he was arrogant, he didn't have a lot of friends,
    He sat alone during lunch with a notebook and a pen,
    He had bags under his eyes,
    I wonder if he spends all night studying,
    He aces every exam,
    I recalled the girl who always put on lip gloss and played dumb responded to my 'hellos' with a snap of bubblegum,
    Her boyfriend broke up with her last week,
    I heard the girls in her clique gossip about them,
    And that made me think,
    I wonder what's it like for everyone to critique your relationships,
    When its none of their business,
    I thought of the boy whose locker is a mess,
    I wonder if it's because his home life is a mess too,
    He always goes to school looking depressed,
    He drags his feet on the floor when he walks and barely ever talks,
    He reads on the bus, and I wonder if that's his escape,
    And I remembered the boy who always gets picked up after school,
    He complains about wet socks,
    I know that's because his shoes have holes in them,
    And he can't afford new ones,
    His ratty clothes told me,
    He lives on the poor side of town,
    His dad rides an old rundown Chevy truck,
    I wonder if he looked down at himself for his bad luck,
    Or if his dad gets sad looking at others' designer footwear and wish he was a multimillionaire,
    So could have done more for his son,
    I even noticed my teacher,
    Who I felt sorry for,
    Didn't wear her engagement ring anymore,
    Her bright blue eyes turned into a dull blue and if anyone asks her "How are you?"
    She would reply happily,
    But her smile looked fake,
    I wonder if she's walking a line between giving up and seeing how much more she can take,
    She's been assigning us more papers lately,
    Maybe that's because she wants to get her mind off her ex-fiancé and more on the presidents of the U.S.A.,
    While students complain about the assignments,
    I stay silent,

    I realized, the answer to her question is, everyone has troubles; I don't want to add up to them. No matter what anyone says, none of us have it easy. It's a lot of pressure growing up. I learned that you should give a daily dose of kindness to mean people, they need it the most.
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