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  • Indecisive Endearment

    She invested
    so much in love,
    And yet
    I have nothing to show of,
    Love is
    something we were always deprived of,
    So we
    look on as love fly like a mourning dove,
    I guess
    the goals are what we can only dream of,
    Because the
    what ifs, could never be what it was,
    She wanted
    a specific love,
    "Baby, I know you wouldn't mind swimming the Pacific Love",
    For you I will,
    and I know love kills,
    So I
    write my will,
    But I'll
    be there to fulfill,
    So no more
    drinking till' the bartender deny you of a refill,
    You always
    relied on those illusional feelings,
    Claiming that
    you can see stars while you stare at the ceiling,
    A tear,
    streams down your cheek, I can't help but wipe away,
    Then you reminisce
    when I forgot to say I love you on that rainy day,
    I know
    you can't stand the rain,
    I know
    you bruised from the pain,
    She said
    she didn't cry from the pain,
    But she cried
    cause she want the love to remain the same,
    ....She asked
    "Are you afraid to fly?" ,
    and to tell the truth,
    I replied,
    that I'm terrified,
    never been so high,
    there was a relief in comfort, when we made love
    on the vanilla skies,
    and we fly....,
    and we fly....,
    and the feeling of the wind dries the tears, from your eyes.

    DeVontay James
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