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A Senti_Mental Journey......( A poem on Understanding) by Nancy Matchton Owens

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  • A Senti_Mental Journey......( A poem on Understanding) by Nancy Matchton Owens

    A Senti_Mental Journey....
    He looks so together
    it's very hard to see
    just how he might be suffering
    he's quite like you and me
    Behind closed doors he's cracking jokes
    She's crying endless tears
    out in public we're not aware of all their hidden fears
    Everybody's got a cross to bear
    some burden they are living beside
    so try to be supportive in you they may confide
    Today might come easy but there is no guarantee
    just how long you'll be on top of your game
    in fact it's plain to see
    nothing ever stays the same and the tables are bound to turn
    just where you've been celebrating so a flame can also burn

    Today you might be brave
    and tomorrow not as much
    our sensitivities are different
    and we respond uniquely as such
    But sure as night will follow day
    your feelings at some point will have their way
    Don't condemn them let them be
    Staying in touch is the real key

    Everybody's suffering
    Give others a needed break
    forgive them they are trying all your effort it will take
    This too shall pass it's changing all the time
    sometimes there is no reason or indeed an obvious rhyme

    Everybody's suffering just try to be aware
    It really is a personal race and
    it's futile to compare
    We're alike but different
    it's a paradox you see
    parts maybe similar
    reacting individually

    Everybody's suffering
    try to understand
    my experience is unique
    I'm from a different land

    Try to be constructive
    in all that you say
    Everyone is trying hard
    to navigate their way
    A way through this journey
    the road that we call life
    to try and make some sense of things
    even through our strife

    Everybody's suffering
    you know this to be true
    try on someone else'shoes
    it may change your point of view.
    Everybody's suffering
    look beyond the words they say
    It's not what you imagine
    can you spread your love today?
    It could be a word or touch
    where they know they're not alone
    a comforting voice soothing them by speaking on the phone

    Everybody's suffering
    a part of me and you
    searching for a light in the dark
    to allow us to pull through.
    The grass is always greener
    or so it appears that way
    but zoom your lense up close
    we've all been hurt along the way.
    It's how we all respond
    that makes us who we are
    Everybody's suffering
    you don't have to look too far.