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  • Understanding

    Understanding is an apple, sweet upon my lips.
    Understanding is a mountain, among life’s downs and dips.
    Understanding is a rainbow, when the storm has passed.
    Understanding is eternal, past hatred it shall last.
    Understanding is a sparrow, flying high and free.
    Understanding is a person, which anyone can be.
    Understanding is a gift, from the lord above.
    Understanding makes us people. Understanding gives us love.

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    Excellent! "Understanding is a rainbow, when the storm has passed." Very nice comparison, although they are all good really. Thanks for posting.


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      Thank you so much!


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        Some of the lines in your poem are very pretty. Thanks for sharing! You might want to capitalize "Lord"?


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          The American Dream

          The American Dream
          This Dessert storm is one I refuse to conform.
          I’ll be patient but I refuse to be a patient.
          When you become injured just be aware,that
          Obama-care was created without a care.
          Did you know that history repeats itself?
          You must step out of the fog of illusion.
          That has no conclusion.
          Because this illusion is a confusion.
          Don’t worry don’t worry I’m not in a hurry.
          Sit down and smile for this may take a while.
          Please let me explain what is causing me pain.
          America has stolen my Dreams.
          This started when they sold me my Dreams.
          I wonder if this began.
          When speaking of religion in public was a sin.
          No Justice no peace screams the protester.
          Put your hands up or I will still shoot screams the protector.
          I don’t understand the paradigm of the 21st Century.
          Placing innocent black men in the penitentiary.
          This will explain why they have been extinct for a century.


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