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    Come on, foolish girl, log on a server
    Don't worry, you won't be able to make it
    "You are not a VIP"
    Most importantly
    You are not a guy
    You do not play good if you are not a guy
    You will make your whole team lose if you are a girl
    You will die immediately
    Who said those were true?
    Who said we aren't as good as you?
    Who said we couldn't kill zombies?
    Who said we can't win a SG?
    Who said that.....
    We couldn't do anything?
    We can win.
    We can play.
    And we aren't girl gamers.
    We're just gamers.

    (Hiiii! I know I probably won't win with this poem, but I really wanted to show it to you guys. There's no such thing as a girl gamer. Gaming doesn't fixate itself on gender. We're just gamers.)