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Do you Understand? (the heart)

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  • Do you Understand? (the heart)

    My heart is like a glass cup,
    and my emotions are the water.
    The glass filled to the very top,
    when I lost my only daughter.
    Every time I got upset,
    the glass filled even more.
    Until it finally overflowed,
    and dripped water onto the floor.
    When I lost my babygirl,
    Twas like a forever dripping faucet.
    My glass overflowed so much,
    I began to get exhausted.
    So I kicked the glass over,
    and let all the water escape.
    Emotions begin to pour out rapidly,
    every which way.
    I picked my glass up,
    Yet it was only cracked.
    Id finally released emotions,
    that I tried to keep trapped.
    I got upset again,
    and the glass began to fill.
    And through the cracks,
    the water began to spill.
    Who will fix the leaky faucet,
    and and seal the crack in my glass?
    Will it be I?
    Who will give my heart peace at last?

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    Much humanity here. Thanks.