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A Nightmare Within A Nightmare

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  • A Nightmare Within A Nightmare

    A Nightmare Within A Nightmare

    Oh, how it seems surprisingly so!
    That I have finally met
    A nightmare within a nightmare

    As the darkness crawls up your spine
    And the clocks ticks up right past your time
    Creatures unknown from the abyss itself
    Your face, your body, the darkness engulf

    Tick tock, tick tock, a scream from great distance
    The shadows eat away with no resistance
    A warm sensation you feel tugging your nerves
    It seems it is blood, no light or warmth does it serve

    Sounding familiar? Perhaps you hear this
    Everyday, in your head amidst
    The yelling, the torturing, your "friends", your "home"
    Wake up from a nightmare within a nightmare, or perhaps just a poem.