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To Understand Understanding.

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  • To Understand Understanding.

    To Understand Understanding.

    Understanding, it's a word but what does it mean in itself?
    I feel like I have been tossed in the world and forced to figure that out for myself
    and so does the hundreds, the thousands, the millions.
    When it comes to that word everyone has their own certain resilience.

    Understanding has a Fragrance, it's own certain aroma.
    Understanding of faith could lift one spirit's out of a coma.
    Understanding means that I will subjugate your feelings and turn them into my own,
    it makes us as a race feel more whole.

    I'm on my knees crying and pleading for someone to catch my thought that I sent floating
    off in the air, if only someone would reach out grab it and care.

    When the word understanding comes to my mind,
    I feel us mankind may be a few steps behind, behind the concept...
    That certain recognition... but when our minds finally settle into its new found position,
    the word will become a Revolution of a Revelation and that Understanding...
    will change us as a nation.

    Written By Michael M Crump