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Reaching Out to Understand

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  • Reaching Out to Understand

    Reaching Out to Understand

    Bonds of love kept us together,
    Gleeful in our younger years,
    Playing out in Autumn weather,
    Not a thought of cares or fears.

    Then came the day we can't forget,
    When Autumn sunshine turned to storm.
    Crashing headlights, peeling metal,
    Hearts were breaking to inform.

    Dragging from the blazing wreckage
    Limp and lifeless human shapes,
    Medics racing in to salvage,
    Binding wounds and treating scrapes.

    Two survivors out of nine,
    You and one across the street.
    Causing tragedy you learned
    Torment lips cannot repeat.

    Reaching out to understand
    I sit beside you on the bench.
    Crying out to understand
    I hold your trembling hands and clench.

    No words have ever passed your lips.
    Respectfully I've never asked,
    But freely falling from your cheek
    Are tears illumined by the past.

    No words can soothe your conscience now
    Or salve the dreadful pain of death,
    But rays of hope remain nearby.
    Pursue them with your every breath.

    Bonds of love kept us together,
    Gleeful in our younger years.
    Bonds of love still make us stronger,
    Finding hope through hopeless tears.