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  • For You

    You don't understand
    What I've been through
    For the privilege
    Of falling at your feet
    You'll never know
    That I walked through fire
    Or turned my feet to bloody shreds
    Walking across glass
    You're unaware
    That you stand on a knife handle
    And that I came across the blade
    Just for you
    You've never supposed
    That I walked without shoes
    On thin ice
    Because I had to
    If I wanted to get to you
    You'd never think that any of these happened
    But they did
    And now I kneel at your feet
    Heart in my hand
    Praying that you do understand
    But you don't
    You laugh at my offering
    Of my heart
    It is all I have
    But I would give it to you without a thought
    And instead of taking it
    You smash it
    Because you don't understand
    You never will