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  • Three Roses

    Hey pretty flower girl in your sun dress.
    Let me see you twirl and smile again.
    The way you do it so gorgeous.
    An angel of the light gave you that gift and three roses.

    Hey flower girl in your sun dress.
    Let me see that smile so bright.
    And you're right ---- life isn't fair.
    And it doesn't care how much you stare,
    It won't tear it's truth to sooth.
    Besides, why find comfort in a lie.
    Sigh and sigh a-gain,
    No one signed up for the pain.
    It's all been done and said.
    But look at the first rose it gave you, all Dried and dead.
    And tell me how much you've cried.
    Tell me how many of your tears brought it back to life.
    All your woes.
    So delicate to touch and you've had enough.
    You want it to end.
    Another angel to send.
    But flower girl, you know you're tough.

    Hey flower girl in your sun dress.
    Let me see that smile, oh so pleasant.
    The second rose given to you was the present.
    All because it's the third re sent and the lesson from the first.
    But don't let it bring you down.
    Why frown when you can astound.
    Your passion burns past the darkest cloud.
    So don't worry, you'll always be found.
    So you'll rise and surprise.
    And demise as you get wise.
    That's just how it goes.
    Sun rays and bright ways --- but some days may rain.
    And that's ok.
    You need both for that rose to grow.
    To be as red and strong as your heart.
    It's just a part your endeavor.
    Because it can't last forever.
    The day will end and the rose will be dead.
    But you'll still move ahead.

    Hey flower girl in your sun dress.
    Let me see that smile so magnificent.
    I've been waiting so vigilant.
    The last rose so white and innocent that it's no coincidence.
    It's so significant and indiscriminate.
    That you gotta be feeling it.
    It's a blank canvas and you're the artist so guard it because soon it'll be this instant.
    And the next.
    You make what you want.
    As simple or complex.
    Just know that you'll always have that rose.
    It'll be there for ya when the red starts to dim.
    The white will fill in.
    And once that's gone you'll always have another one.
    To an extent.
    They're not infinite.
    You're given only so many seeds besides those three.
    Flower girl standing in her garden.

    And for the last time flower girl.
    Those thorns don't make the roses any less beautiful.
    Just like any rough edges don't take away from you.
    Take life from the horn.
    Live it like you were just born.
    And end it like you're ready to go.
    So that one day you'll just be a flower, girl.