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The Perverted Ballad of Perspective

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  • The Perverted Ballad of Perspective

    Understanding’s kind of tricky
    if you’ve got a strange perspective
    like instead of being human
    you’re with some other collective

    as perhaps you’re in a group of crows
    (referred to as a “murder”,)
    and your favorite recreation is, well,
    pooping on a birder,

    or you might be with the termites
    and you’re chewing two by fours
    you illicit nasty curses
    and some pesticidal wars

    might be you’re a species
    seldom seen and maybe linked
    to the careless acts of mankind
    that have driven you extinct

    is the viewpoint of the human being
    the only one that’s valid?
    If you think so then you think that this is
    one perverted ballad

    but perhaps my understanding
    might be hemmed in by my species
    for you see I am bacteria
    within your inner feces.

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