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  • Road to True Freedom

    Why is it that we live to criticize,
    and believe everything we visualize,
    can't you see they are all lies,
    or is it that your afraid to open your eyes,
    to come to your sense and to realize,
    that we must revolutionalize,
    to take back this country that has been industrialize,
    to dumbanize,
    our children that have been hypnotize,
    by propaganda that has been synchronize,
    through their lil brains like a lab mice,
    so don't come up to me and say this should be minimize,
    cause I bet your mind is already crystalize,
    to deflect what everything really signifies,
    so tell me... going to a church that has been christianize,
    well it really help you be liberalize,
    cause what i've seen all you need is to be civilize,
    and to never take a chance and roll the dice,
    cause that evil is tricky but we must be wise,
    cause if not we can start saying our goodbyes,
    for evil will start to rise,
    and everyone will pay the price,
    but i believe if we stop and think twice,
    we can unite together and become the ultimate device,
    to take down this evil disguise,
    with the ultimate surprise,
    and to show them we are more than meaningless flies...

    -Alan Flores