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Letter to my Mom

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  • Letter to my Mom

    Dear mama,
    forgive me for the drama,
    forgive me for the fallen tears,
    that I have cause over the years...
    forgive me for not being that lil kid I used to be,
    always being by your side and telling you how beautiful you were to me,
    forgive me for the pain I've caused,
    just that my mind has been confused and lost,
    I know it was wrong to let out ma anger at you,
    you were tryin to help now I've just made everything blue,
    forgive me for not wiping your tears like I used to,
    or telling you everything will be okai and that i love u,
    please forgive me for not being the best son,
    but never forget that my love for you will never be gone,
    mama you will always be ma one and only true queen,
    cause you are the only diamond I have ever seen,
    I'm grateful for everything you've done,
    especially for making me be your son,
    and I know you will always be there,
    like a true mama bear,
    and no matter what I know you will always be by my side,
    cause like they say a mother's love will never die...

    - Alan Flores

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    A poem from the heart. I like it!