no longer brainwashed I recovered from the lobotomy
a free man my souls not an economic commodity
It’s modern day sodemy I’m questioning the sovereignty
the working mans policy quantity over quality
I look at the atlas and think what’s the true anomaly
they build an atom bomb then study me anatomically
my curiosity got me digging like archeology
anything from criminology to bibliography
I test your heart like modern cardiology
kill em in alphabetical order and chronologically
yes I swallowed a dictionary, that’s why my biotechnology
is way too advanced for rheumatology
I build ships out of african mahogany
and belly flop at the maximum terminal velocity
I listen to a prophecy with radio astronomy
deciphering your language like dialectic geography
everything I spit is classical cinematography
what’s democracy if i didn’t elect the monarchy
I turn an impossibility to quite possibly
theoretically I’m not a doctor of philosophy
let’s mix psychology with biology
you all you’re gonna get is biological psychology
the word origins are african greek or hebrew
I thought I’d drop a few on the mic
so you can see too.
It’s like I’m living in that film idiocracy
nothing but bureaucracy political hypocrisy
experts in toxicology growing the broccoli
the aristocracy wanna poison me like socrates
live the rest of my days in generosity
without animosity on whatever life offers me
honestly i say things irresponsibly
subconsciously see the true self trying to conquer me
like theres more than one of me paradoxically
the more i close my eyes the more i see more logically
my experience outer bodily can’t be explained with optometry
I don’t like the word ethnic minority it only paints a picture
with one sided authority, minor and major with language
that enslave the mind of strangers to fight their own neighbour’s
some believe in astrology and numerology
some believe a picture of god is idolatry
sacred geometry or fibonacci patterns
the golden ratio and mysteries mathematically
whether it’s the string theory or symmetry
we’re all similar a like like a simile
universally we’re all students in the great architect of the
universe’s university.