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  • Take Another Look.

    Look around you, now what do you see?
    Nothing around you is what it seems to be.

    You see an old man who grumbles as he passes by,

    but you just laugh, say something rude, and keep on with your life.

    There's a homeless man on the sidewalk, with a spare change cup who smells weird.

    You walk past him and think "f***ng bum, get a job and shave your beard.

    You meet this girl at a party, who you want to sleep with, but her as a human?? You don't care.

    As you try to hook up, she refuses, and in return you call her a bitch and a square.

    There's a kid in the class with a deformed face who says not a word.

    Instead of saying anything, you go along with calling him names that hurt.

    So you go home that night, get into your bed and close your eyes,

    Spirits place thoughts in the organ behind your eyes.

    Hoping that when you wake up, your realizations will have changed,

    Hoping that sympathy and second thought will remain engraved in your brain.

    Because that old man recently lost the love of his life,

    He also has nightmarish flashbacks about fighting in the War every night.

    That homeless man lost his job and his house burnt down,

    Insurance wouldn't cover it, so that's why he drifts around town.

    Remember that girl you wanted to have sex with? She has a story of her own,

    A story so deep it will send you the coldest chills through your bones.

    She was only a young girl when she went to sleep that night,

    But she woke up from pain, woke up from fright.

    The lights were off so she couldn't see above,
    She couldn't move, it was all from the person she loved.

    That kid in the class, he's silent because to everyone, his life is hidden,

    He has been diagnosed with a severe illness that will leave him bed ridden.

    In 2 years after that, he will be deceased,
    And all he wanted was someone to befriend him once at least.

    So next time your about to judge someone, whom you really only know form a far,

    Get out of your comfort zone, take a step close, and get to know who they are.

    I promise that something about their story will bring a tear to your eyes,

    Just think about what it would be like to lead one of these characters lives.