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    upon a time, there was a man that said he'd try to understand,
    while understanding was his plan, he couldn't help his heart's demand.
    the days at hand, although unplanned, proved to be what moved his hand
    across the page that could command what he would face and could withstand.

    upon a line, a rhyme would land in hopes he'd find just who he'd be,
    while being free gushed from his glands, he knows that free don't come easy.
    he'd seen such creed become remanded for the thoughts and he believed
    that he could trust his need to come to man the loss and the reprieve.

    upon a mind, there's so much chance that's weighed for better or for worse,
    while worse is surely not preferred, such mind will take all that occurs.
    such mind knows nothing is reversed and regret's nothing but a curse,
    so he, with mind to know adverse, has mind to let it turn to verse.

    upon a time, the lines reminded the man to fight and just write on,
    while fighting, writing helps expand the sight he has when darkness spawns.
    he knows after the nights, the dawn shall light the rights and right the wrongs...
    -that man's a chapter in the life's contrite that captures and prolongs.
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