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    Not able to differentiate between
    knowledge of conspiracy or
    borderline insanity
    But able to distinguish the difference of
    knowledge and education
    They hinder the lower class's needs
    but never fail to attend to the flithy rich's greed
    Designer shades tinted so you can't see
    what's going on.

    Mercielagos are rented but
    you're merciless behind guns?
    Your bros been there since day one
    That's the same amount of beds a casket has.
    Partners in crime until your partner is dying
    Now I'm dying to find out from everyone else
    How long it took you to realize
    that you lied to yourself.
    The streets don't love you

    Maybe their having these babies
    because they think they can raise them
    No names or specifications
    But if it applies, pay attention the the
    conversation between
    myself and I
    Me never listens so now I'm just like you?
    All these bad decisions,
    does that make me bad too?

    My name is Pollock, a rich White mogul
    A Jewish Pole to be exact.
    My name is a manifesto
    My name is Shaquoya, a Black hood rat
    Probably pregnant at 15 with no dreams
    My name is Pollock, Im probably Scottish
    My North Carolinian slave owner must have been too

    My name is subject to judgement
    Because then, when they see the first
    birth name is Shaquoya
    They forget that a Sequoia is a tree that stands tall
    It's also a name of a well known Toyota
    Overall, Sequoyah, inventor of an alphabet
    I'm also Cherokee and my name has substance

    Because I spell my name differently means
    I should be rude?
    Drop out of high school and pick up a cup of
    Irish brew
    Get a tramp stamp then go to club and dance
    and prance around like I never had a chance
    to make something of myself?

    I never needed an opportunity
    I made one for myself.
    My presentation is so amazing,
    but I'm receiving misrepresentation by
    my misbehaving
    Color me bad, evil, and wicked
    Stirring potions in the cauldron then
    pouring them into sentence of potent lyrics

    I'm testing a new chem strain
    I invested in this injection
    until the substance infected my brain
    and made me sane
    This is knowledge, not education