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Understanding: A Demonstration

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  • Understanding: A Demonstration

    Understanding: A Demonstration

    In Memory of Dr. Samuel Clarke

    Let me tell you this
    (I swear it on my essence)—
    That the truth is demonstrable
    With the correct propositions:

    I: That something has existed from eternity,
    And that its truth is contained
    Within our conception of infinity.

    II: That there has existed from eternity
    Some one immutable and independent being—
    A king who rules unceasingly.

    III: That that immutable, independent being,
    (In existence from eternity),
    Has no external cause of its existence;
    It exists necessarily.

    IV: That the substance and essence of that being,
    Which exists independent of cause (necessarily),
    Is unknowable to men;
    And any who profess to know it with certainty
    Lack in shame what they make up for in vanity.

    V: Yet unknowable or not—in other words,
    The mystery notwithstanding—many of
    This being’s essential attributes
    Are demonstrable, starting with the first:
    That He must, of necessity, be eternal.

    VI: That He is infinite and omnipresent.

    VII: That He is singular.

    VIII: That He’s intelligent;

    IX: That the self-existent being is imbued with liberty and choice
    And not himself reducible to a “necessary agent.”

    X: That the self-existent being,
    The supreme cause of all things,
    Must of necessity have infinite power
    To work out the contradictions of evil
    (Natural or moral):
    To create matter
    And cogitative substances with will,
    Endowed with bodily senses,
    Endowed with humane souls.

    XI: That He be infinitely wise

    XII: and of infinite good:
    That the self-existent Being—present without cause—
    Embody all the justice, truth, and the moral perfections
    You’d expect from the supreme governor and judge of the world.
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