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    We become who we are supposed to be,
    Opposing, or along our tendency.
    Others can only ponder what they see,
    Even I don't fully know the true me...
    And do you think I see you clearly?
    Me, and you, yes you along with me,
    Furthest opposites there can not be.
    Yet some force draws me to your energy.
    Ah, well, it's only in my head says thee.
    But I stand strong on this, like a tree.
    As my leaves unfurl and open wide.
    I breathe in your breezy arid tide.
    Until those alive feelings subside.
    And then I am felled - - fall away to hide...
    where thoughts collide and feelings abide.
    Just when I think the feeling’s not there,
    It soon surfaces, to our despair.
    Stop this cycle! I don't want to care,
    with your enigma - - It's me I ensnare.
    Hence I return with another dare!

    Ha well, I'm sure you don't understand me. But then we are even. You’re as much a mystery to me!
    It's our different perspectives and predictable unpredictability that I find so fascinating...
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