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    Black and Blue

    On grey days like this, when the sky hangs just above the ground

    Like lifeless feet,
    I wrap myself in layers and layers to be further from what surrounds me.
    We used to hang from trees like ornaments, but
    Now we’re hung in bedrooms, immortalized on paper.
    Is it progress that we’ve made?

    They tell me to look at all the steps we’ve made
    But I don’t see any footprints, just rectangles in the ground.
    We can cover it up, but there will always be something behind Andy’s wallpaper.
    Go ahead and measure progress in inches and in feet,
    In days since and in weeks past, but
    Know those measurements don’t mean a thing to me

    Because I was Milk’s favorite cookie, that’s what they called me.
    To them, it was accurate, their minds were made.
    But who made them? Who taught them I could be this but
    Not that, that who I was was as solid and tangible as the ground
    beneath their feet?
    Some notes we take aren’t on paper.

    And there are so many things you can do with a piece of paper
    Because it is a blank canvas. To me,
    There is nothing more beautiful than possibility. So, seeing tracks from feet
    Preserved in snow is better than watching them be made
    By men crossing the frozen ground.
    I always wanted to be blank, to be anything, but

    I already am something. I was born something, but
    What I am is arbitrary, its mere marks on paper.
    Mere men on ground.
    I never understood these limits that you gave me,
    But for some reason I made
    My image within their confines, like inches in feet.

    It seems like a tremendous feat
    To take all that they took, but
    Now I see that I was giving it away, like I'd made
    Some defective product that no one would pay for.
    If you had asked who I thought it would be, I’d have never said me,
    But it got in deep, roots in the ground, roots in the ground.

    Yes, I read the paper.
    And, yes, it did affect me,
    But there were already so many of us in the ground.