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    I stand on the ledge
    Overlooking the city
    What if I land on a car?
    What If I cause a crash?
    Well, that would be just like me
    Wouldn't it be?
    Causing only damage to this world
    Even in death
    It's not cold and rainy like in the movies
    It's actually a nice day
    Blue skies
    Warm breezes
    I guess I shouldn't expect the world to be miserable
    Just because I am
    I'm not the center of the universe
    It would be a bit of a disaster if I was
    It's almost better that the universe doesn't care
    That it will keep going
    There was already too much pressure
    And my life was unspectacular
    No, I won't be the bright-burning star
    That fades too fast
    I'm just a little sputter of flame
    That had a few pathetic moments
    Then died
    But maybe I won't die
    There's still time to come off the ledge
    Maybe I'll become a full-blown bonfire
    Either way whatever I do
    The moment after will be an end and a beginning
    Either the end of my time
    And the start of a world without me
    Or an end to my depression
    And a beginning to happiness
    And I decide
    In that instant
    To step off of the ledge

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    This isn't the best, but I wrote it in 5th grade and just found it while looking through my old notebooks. Never decided if they decided to step onto the roof or into the air though...