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A World Without Borders.

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  • A World Without Borders.

    Imagine a world without borders, what a place it would be.
    Where you can travel anywhere you wanted, and you can do it with ease.

    Where you wouldn't have to give a guard a reason for your travels,
    And you could do it however, and whenever without getting hassled.

    Where blind patriotism and nationalism wouldn't exist,
    'Cause there would be no superiority based on a persons birth certificate.

    Where we wouldn't be afraid of people from another patch of land,
    Maybe then we could give eachother a real helping hand.

    Where any song you wanted could be your national anthem,
    And if you didn't sing or stand, adults wouldn't throw temper tantrums.

    No longer would we say, "They're wrong, cause my country is right".
    No world wars or a need for soldiers, 'cause after all, who would we fight??

    We would do away with words that label a person,
    Like "migrants, immigrants, foreigners", this list can worsen.

    A world without borders would mean no one is "Illegal",
    Too many humans squawking, not enough seagulls.

    We would stop with nonsense that makes me want to stay in doors,
    Like "If you don't like it, don't come to my country, stay in yours!!"

    And "My country is better, my country is free.
    My country is perfect, we've done no dirty deeds.

    Your country is bad, that's what they tell me on the news,
    That's why I'm blindly supporting my country to invade you".

    And enough of this "My Country" talk, it's not yours, you're a tenant.
    You pay taxes on everything, so essentially, you just pay rent.

    We wouldn't have to be isolated, we wouldn't have to divide,
    Ourselves from the world with these walls up so high.

    Inside these flags, borders, and rallying cries,
    You'll see the same thing.......humans trapped inside.

    In esscense, we've built a massive prison and we called it a country.
    There's not that big of a difference, aside from this one thing:

    Unlike a prison, most can leave, but few can come in,
    And most places, if you can enter, most don't feel very welcomed.

    I feel like the idea of a country comes from an irrational mind.
    How can you take some earth, and surround it with a line,

    Then rightfully say, "This land is mine!!",
    And then get mad at me for not sharing the same pride??

    Humans divided the world into countries like gangs do with neighbourhoods,
    And after all these years, we still struggle to treat our neighbours good.

    Countries make it so we think that we're better than the rest,
    Without them we wouldn't hear, "God Save The Queen, MERICUHH, Death To The West".

    And the fact that people will call me a radical, a terrorist,
    Ungrateful, unappreciative, a rebel, and that I should perish,

    Or leave this country cause I wrote a few lines,
    Is exactly why countries and borders I despise.

    I guess to some people there isn't a worse crime,
    Than a person not sharing your exact frame of mind.

    Now I know it will never happen, this is just a fantasy,
    But like this poem, don't let that stop you from creating a masterpiece.

    I know it will never happen, this is just a fantasy,
    I just hope this poem provoked thought and understanding.