Many call me a monster
But in order to create a monster
Something monstrous must occur
For what is done to me creates me

It’s the basic principle of the universe
Every action create and equal and opposite reaction
So I apologize to no one
And why should I
No one ever apologized for making me this way
For turning me into someone that can look into a newborn baby's eyes
And see not the conventional potential for good
But all the evil deeds this innocent may commit

And I often wonder to myself why I am how I am
I recall no tragic events
No emotional scars
For a while I thought it was hate
For it was all I knew
There was not a person I loved
Hate built my world
Imprisoned me
I thought the hate running through my veins would poison me
But then I grew older
Learned to love
And still was a monster
Yet despite knowing where I am
I can only ever know
That what was done
Was monstrous