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  • Lady Midnight

    Six years later he says he left because he wanted more;
    To be with someone who could walk,
    Someone she could never be.
    Yet here he is making midnight calls
    To her instead of his wife.
    Be careful, brown eyes.
    Don't do anything you're going to regret.
    Say all the right things and find yourself
    In a position to ruin lives.
    You have the power. Now use it wisely.

    Here they go again.
    Anticipation meet euphoria meet desperation.
    She will be loved.

    For days afterward she feels
    Numb and diluted; nothing can touch her.
    And then a rush of emotion so strong
    She's dancing across red rooftops.
    Plummeting through the night sky;
    Alice chasing her heart down the rabbit hole.
    Unafraid of death's sweet oblivion if it means
    Forgetting the taste of him. How she comes
    Crawling back with just one word.
    Manifestation of anger in music:
    loud, angry, earth shattering
    And finally quiet.

    Quiet enough
    To ease the heaviness of the world.

    Words spill out. Questions. Doubts. Apologies.
    When the world is spinning alongside
    Your head, remember,
    The world.
    It was all made to be broken.
    Because happiness has a violent roar.