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  • Deception


    We live in the present, we dread for our past;
    We hope for the future, ‘till it comes at last.

    At the break of a day, our hope springs anew,
    We promise to change, but few of us do.

    Our vows are but empty, entrenched within lies,
    We live within doubt, trust not our own eyes.

    For woven around us, drawn ever so tight;
    A web of deceit, as dark as the night.

    Forgiveness forgotten, trust is but trash;
    Lie and deceive, ‘till we crumble to ash.

    But tomorrow will be a world without war,
    Our lives will be free, there will be no poor.

    Yet tomorrow won’t come, we live in today,
    Forever suspended, despite what they say.

    They promise us change, they say we will shine,
    But of that new light, there is not a sign.

    Our idols convince us, we want to believe,
    But deep down inside, they do not deceive.

    At first we were blind, bound by our past;
    We tried to hold on, but truth dawned at last.

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    Hi pondturtle314, I like your ending rhymes , nice poem The kurlman


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      Well done. Strong, positive message gliding atop smooth waves of rhythm, rhyme and Truth.