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  • Born To Die

    * BORN TO DIE *
    By Rob E. Crosby

    Born was I of my mother’s womb
    Escaped, arrived, from that dark tomb
    Infant now, a life to assume
    An adult to grow, not presume

    To crawl, to fall, then to walk
    To rise, to stand, then to talk
    To think, to know, and not to balk
    To love, not hate, and never stalk

    My own genome, my DNA
    The laws of nature to obey
    Ancestors pray, then convey
    Our final day, we all decay

    Is this the chore, and nothing more?
    This life, rapport, did I explore?
    What came before, should I ignore?
    And now the future, I implore

    My mind defined, these thoughts entwined
    Thoughts refined, not maligned
    My peace to find, and then to bind
    Oh God remind --I’ve been so blind

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    Wow. I'm at a loss for words. Enlightening.