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    Let's hold out hope for the crippled.
    Hope for the crippled?
    No thanks, this crip doesn't need your hope.
    This crip needs you to stop.
    Stop labeling me.
    Stop feeling sorry for me.
    Stop pitying me and my 'poor life'
    Just fucking stop!
    No, really, I'm okay. I don't need you.
    I don't need you or your miracles.
    Don't tell me God works miracles
    And to hold out hope
    Because maybe one day I'll walk
    Or maybe I'll get to see from both eyes
    Because God works miracles
    But you're too busy fixing what isn't broken that you forget
    If I was truly made in his image this crip doesn't need healed.
    This crip doesn't need your prayers or miracles.
    This crip doesn't need your God or your salvation.
    This crip doesn't need your hope.

    Poor soul, she's diminished by her disability.
    Diminished by my disability?
    The only thing I'm diminished by
    Is your inability to understand
    That before anything else I am human.
    I make mistakes and have flaws.
    I feel, probably more than most,
    And sometimes those feelings get in the way.
    I empathize but I am done sympathizing.

    You say my wheelchair is a blessing in disguise.
    Why can't it just be a blessing?
    A blessing that comes with lots of lessons.
    Some that I learn the hard way and some that come easy.
    But this wheelchair doesn't need a reason
    To teach me (or you) a lesson.
    Sure, it frustrates me when a wheel breaks
    or I fall on a broken sidewalk
    But it teaches me humility and patience.
    And there's no reason to disguise
    that this wheelchair is a blessing.

    So, please take your hope and pity
    Your guilt and salvation elsewhere
    Because they're defeating the purpose.
    They're detracting from the point.

    I am not diminished by my disability.
    I am not to be quieted or pitied
    I am not your reason to feel guilty
    I am not a burden
    I am human.