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  • The Wall

    The Wall

    Again underneath the window shallow
    I expect a scour sound to follow
    While carving a distant, carnal feast
    Before a dream of yearning and hollow
    To hiss together above the miss
    As of time beneath bliss of sorrow and despair
    I ask “who shall be my desolate heir
    Can he or she not glare
    In the light of that which is fair-
    For it may be too much to bare
    This with you I share”

    Again the wall-my dream chiseled
    The scour sound with rhythm it fizzled
    “Tis a spectrum of solace” I wishfully muttered
    Awaiting a reply my heart twice uttered
    Firm and thrilled of adventure we rose
    “Charge ahead, do not wallow” it chose
    I raveled on what it knows;
    Distant or close my vision must be false
    A solid wall corridors this prose
    Quickly of it I must dispose
    Ensnaring fruits it might impose
    “I wish-I demand not a glimpse
    Of the fair maiden bearing crimson hair
    I only ask that you beware-
    For it might pull too much to bare
    This with you I share”

    Again the sound grew louder,
    Splitting my spirit asunder
    Between my fingers I felt the hunger-
    hunger embellished with anger-
    Its fuel embarked for pearly gates;
    Its bowsprit halting the infernal disgrace
    Anticipating submersion I face horned-seven malice
    “Venom” I grumble “Begone!” I ramble
    Suddenly it stops, the raging fire stops
    “Whatever cocks my fate” I moor
    “In the abyss I shall assure allure
    By the first, this body must endure
    And the second, my thrust shall bare
    This with you I share”

    Again in my chamber I totter
    Rolling, pondering without squatter
    “For evermore shall I flotter
    Or arise as magma of this ominous slaughter”
    Vainly had this thought encumbered
    A soul unprepared for deep slumber
    And the still sad loathing of dry facade
    Calls forth the beating of my terror heart
    Now, to bask once more, I implore
    “What journey leads to its spiteful lair
    To slay the beast I must handle with care
    I only ask that you do not dare
    It is too much to bare
    This with you I share”
    Once more I desire to feel her hair
    This with me I share

    Written by Victor Snark (c) 2015
    Mississauga, Canada
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