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    Be a rainbow in someone's life today. NOW'S THE TIME!!

    Be A Rainbow

    Have you ever thought in its several forms
    That many humans on Earth experience their darkest storms?
    Ominous clouds roll in, the blue sky soon fades
    And the sun that once shined has now been delayed.
    And through these darkest storms many wished to see
    A colorful rainbow sent miraculously.
    So my challenge for you is try to discover
    The rainbow you are and your true rainbow colors.
    Red and orange, yellow, green, and blue
    Indigo and violet will describe every part of you.
    And as you display your colors make them bright
    Because each color you display will be one's healing light.
    The more rainbows you are the more it will appear
    That each storm that rumbles will soon disappear.
    So call a friend or offer a hug
    Say "I'm your rainbow" to a person you love.
    Nurture the ill or assist the poor
    Because that's what a rainbow's purpose is for.
    Now if there's ever a time a storm blusters your way
    Pray for a rainbow to show its colors today.
    And when your rainbow appears at least I was told
    Will quickly provide you its own pot of gold.

    Your Rainbow

    Today I'm your RAINBOW
    During your time of need
    And my spectrum of colors
    Will heal you guaranteed.

    And as long as you struggle
    I'll be there for you
    Radiating my colors
    To help you get through.

    So please take my rainbow
    As my true gift of love
    That will shed healing light
    As I hover above.

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