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Tuesday: Doomday

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  • Tuesday: Doomday

    Since it's the last day should we savor moments or live it the fast way
    Should we smoke with no regards for the Ashtray
    It's Sad to say but this is way too familiar
    Living lies ain't living life who the hell are we kidding
    We Worshiped trust & compassion like that's a new religion
    Found faith in tomorrow although you're Through with isms
    So maybe just maybe through death well find a new beginning
    I think the fact this is it has a silver lining
    I feel your presence in the present while on the brink on dying
    And there are with such impeccable timing
    A Miss America beauty although you're straight from the islands or something

    My self image is diminished I can't keep up with you
    My Mirror mirror on the wall is too judgmental
    I thinks crazy & amazing that took leaving the world alone to figure out how much I'm still in love with you

    Since it's the last day should we make it last forever like our first night
    This is bad but we've had worst nights
    You Found love in exchange for the worst price was it worth it?
    If you could do it twice would you make the same decision
    I guess Maybe for tonight well tryout something different
    I mean I know that ain't ya style
    So Like a blank check I plan to make it worth your while you know
    Since it's the last day
    Can I keep you to myself I know its hella selfish
    I prayed for time couldn't reap the blessings
    I only tried to Hold you down & lift you up like a full Nelson
    Is this it or
    Are we gone smoke have relations then sip more
    Looking back i sorta wish we would've lived more
    Because It took dying to find the reason I live for, Tragic
    Since it's the last hour
    Should we thank the most high we made it this far
    Become the wings On this Rise to power
    I'm Icarus the difference is I've never felt this lost Stargazing
    And I really hope they looking back
    You say "It's Peculiar how you look for that"
    Why ? In the dawn of oblivion
    7 billion people never looked so relaxed
    I need more signs
    Am I the only person left who wants more time
    But Too scared of the world to use both eyes
    To see the bigger picture change the lens and use soft lights
    10 seconds
    I wish we were immortalized
    It's not like I don't wana try
    But I ain't gonna lie
    Now that I got a place to rest I don't wanna die... sleep
    It's always going to be those things i wish Id have said or done
    See that's why I needed you here with me today out of all the days on the calendar
    In any case I thought you'd want me here beside you
    Problem is ,I'm stuck living in the past
    & the fact that your hellbent on making a future for yourself made me realize
    It's not really the end of the world it's just the end of mines
    But I guess to you & the rest of the planet its just another Tuesday
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