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    The goal is to cleanse my soul
    So I go I reach for sword
    I cut my stomach open
    Watch the organs hit the floor
    I pick them up one by one
    The plan is to go restore
    The body that was once ignored
    I want to gift the soul reward

    Go grab my kidney liver
    Squeeze out the lean within
    Liquors pours down upriver
    Help me! Wash away the sins
    Help me! Take control and win
    I know I got the strength within
    To conquer all the evil
    That was growing under my thick skin

    With a grunge I go I lunge
    For the sponge to go expunge
    ALL THC and nicotine that was under my lungs
    Guillotine my head
    Rid of the thoughts mislead
    Head to thread to neck
    Reattach no more self dead

    Pick up my heart
    Let the light shine through dark
    Spark to restart
    No question mark i life embark
    Take flight with storks
    And let out the lion ROAR
    You let out the lion ROAR
    Life is for you to explore
    Open door to top floor
    Look no more u found looked for
    Let out the lion ROAR
    Let out the lion ROAR
    Deplore what you do abhor
    Implore what you do adore

    Grab sword and climb the wall
    Obstacles you do fight brawl
    Don't be afraid to climb tall
    If you fall like cannonball
    The tears that u once did bawl
    Will soften the tall free fall
    Answer to the life roll call
    And rise above all in all

    I'm running out of time
    I'm running out of time
    I'm running out of time

    I have to keep a sober mind
    To pass the temple time
    To stand the test of time

    I gotta keep a sober mind
    I gotta keep a sober mind...
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