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  • That day was the day

    18 years ago, the Lord saved me and delivered me from the darkness. For 18 years, he has held my hand and walked me towards the light. 18 is the age of a man according to the law of the land. Now, standing as a man in God's eyes, I voluntarily join the army. God's army. The Lord is now sending me back to the darkness. Not to fall, but to fight...

    I left yesterday and now I won't rewind
    The day when the demons and darkness aligned
    and the world turned a man to a madman confined
    That day was the day I knew I lost my mind

    Dear Jesus, my savior, I see what you've shown
    I rise up, my eyes up, this seed that you've sown
    Please send me a soldier, I can't fight alone
    I'm not on my own...I'm not on my own...

    Saint Michael, archangel, you've been there before
    prepare me for battle, defend me in war
    The demon's that haunt me I'm now hunting for
    I'm runnin' no more...I'm runnin' no more...

    Lend me a sword and I'll give you my all
    Heart, body, mind and my soul will stand tall
    A bloodthirsty brawl as I answer the call
    I'm not gonna fall...I'm not gonna fall...

    Demons and devils and darkness attack
    Unleash the murderous devildog pack
    You can't drag me down to the pitches of black
    I'm not goin' back...I'm not goin' back...

    Tearing my spirit straight outta my skin
    Laughter, I hear it, your devilish grin
    I no longer fear the beginning of sin
    I'm straight jumpin' in...I'm straight jumpin' in...

    A battle you want, then a battle you got
    A fight to the death is the fight I was taught
    I physically kill you when killing the thought
    I'm not gettin' caught...I'm not gettin' caught...

    I'll speak in a language that you'll understand
    now back it on up or you'll catch this right hand
    You're not welcome here, dirty demons, you're banned
    I'm already planned...I'm already planned...

    I curse you, I cuss you, I scream and I shout
    My thirst let me crush you and all you're about
    The water of life is my only way out
    I'm not gonna doubt...I'm not gonna doubt...

    Don't ever think I'm not ready to fight
    even when creepin' up on me at night
    You treacherous demons are now in my sight
    I live in the light...I live in the light...

    I was you, was with you, I know all your ways
    I know your false master, the game that he plays
    Destruction, disaster, the darkness of days
    I'm bringin' the praise...I'm bringin' the praise...

    Salvation has shown me, a moment occurred
    Temptation once owned me, my vision was blurred
    I'm telling the children the message I heard
    I'm spreadin' the Word...I'm spreadin' the Word...

    When the light breaks the night the thieves no longer thieve
    and we see the deceitful web you try and weave
    See that's when you die, the day we all believe
    I'm not gonna grieve...I'm not gonna grieve...

    The light lets me see so I'm no longer blind
    I don't just avoid you, I destroy your kind
    That day has prepared me to take back my mind
    That day was the day the Lord knew I would find