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my city...she weeps...

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  • my city...she weeps...

    I've ran those streets, and I've cried in those streets
    Lived in those streets...and died in those streets
    but a man cannot run from the memories he keeps
    and I know deep within the streets, my city...she weeps...

    Don't cry, Mile High, for your weary shall be free
    The day will come, Thy kingdom come, when God's mercy you will see
    The poor will be rich, and the hungry will be fed
    for the Lamb of God is coming...let the streets run red
    Blood is the color that will wash your soul clean
    and clear every tear that your eyes have ever seen
    Dear city, your children, they will have vision and voice
    The only division will be divided and decided by choice
    Rejoice in the Lord!...The keeper of the flame
    who tends all your lost children, and he knows them all by name
    The Shepherd knows his sheep just as the Father knows his Son
    and he will leave the go and find the one
    One lost and lonely and crying child
    will not be left to wander all alone in the wild
    Everyone will hear the trumpets, the resounding sound of drums
    and the children will have shelter when New Jerusalem comes
    Until then, my friend, I will share in your sorrow
    Just know the lost of today are the found of tomorrow...