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Our Life Is An Improv

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  • Our Life Is An Improv

    Our life is an improv.
    Where you walk,
    A red carpet follows.
    Where you stand,
    You stand on a stage.

    You plead your case to the court,
    Like you are a lawyer defending the defendant’s life.
    Your voice bellows across the room.
    You make all listen,
    Like a siren call.

    Life is no game,
    But only a maze.
    We join up with people we don’t know,
    That we would like to meet.
    We learn the responsibilities of life.

    We learn about rejoicing when we have a victory.
    We learn about sobbing when sorrow falls upon one.
    We learn to forgive, to love,
    We don’t learn the next path of our life.

    It is like stitching a tapestry,
    Each thread is the next step in life and we wait for that next stitch.

    When we feel sad,
    Our emotions take us upon a cold, stormy mountain,
    Where you are not seen,
    Nor heard.

    When that storm passes over,
    Our life is again bearable to live.

    If you don’t feel like living or even breathing…
    Don’t think what you are feeling now,
    Think about what you will feel the next day and then the day after that…
    Will you want that choice?
    Or will you regret what happened to you?
    Not only you…
    But to your friends, to family, to all of your loved ones?

    So take a stand on that stage,
    Don’t just be by yourself,
    Be with others,
    Friends, sisters, brothers, parents.
    Will your voice bellow across the court room…
    And will you understand the meaning of life…
    Will you?