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A song in the darkness

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  • A song in the darkness

    On the day I was born I dreamed there was a knock on the door
    and the shadow of a man who I met somewhere before
    I asked him his name, but I didn't let him in
    He said his name was Christ, and I introduced him to Sin
    I think Sin was my friend, and he was already here
    and wherever I went he was always very near
    Christ said he already knew Sin, and he knew him quite well
    So began my first struggle with heaven and hell

    When I was ten years old there was a knock on the door
    and the shadow of a man standing in a downpour
    It was Christ again, but I didn't let him in to dry
    and he stood up against Sin and they looked eye to eye
    Christ asked me to go with him so we could have a talk
    but I told him me and Sin were just leaving for a walk
    So Sin and I played in the rain that day
    and I never did get to hear what Christ had to say

    When I was eighteen years old there was a knock on the door
    and the shadow of a man, the same man as before
    He opened his arms as if to usher me in
    and as I was about to go to him, in jumped Sin
    We went to the back of my house, away from the light
    and Sin showed me a flier for a party that night
    On that flier was a picture of a lovely woman's bust
    and I left Christ's love to satisfy my lust

    In nineteen ninety-four there was a knock on the door
    It was my little brother, crying...our mom had died on the floor
    On the morning of her funeral there came another knock
    This time it was Christ and he asked If we could talk
    He took me by my hand and he wiped away the tears
    and said he never gave up after all these years
    I told him I was sorry for all the times before
    and that it took my mom dying to finally let him in the door

    Ever since then Christ has been in my house
    and the light that he brings I could never, ever douse
    Far too long my house was empty and dark like the night
    and it was at my darkest hour that Christ gave me his light
    Sin is still around...every night, every day
    and though we're no longer friends it seems he'll never go away
    but I try and keep him distant, I try not to let him be a part
    of this house that belongs to Christ, this house that is my heart