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  • Deserving

    There's nothing you deserve
    Not to be served
    To be seen
    To be clean

    You've done nothing to deserve anything good
    Even if you did all you could
    It's not enough

    You deserve no love
    Especially of god you are so unworthy of

    I'm not saying this to put you down
    But to remember who really wears the crown

    With mercy and grace
    There's distortion and contortion

    It's unfortunate when mercy and justice are vastly unproportunate

    You started sinning from the beginning
    Yet from above comes so much love

    Maybe it seems like the man who never sinned had lost
    As he died a horrible death hanging from a cross

    Why does he still want you and me?
    When we ate fruit of the poisonous tree

    From him we have a different mind
    I'll always be blind
    Like the rest of mankind
    I can't help but fall behind

    God has a love so untraditional

    Mightily you've been blessed
    With a love that's been professed

    He was stricken
    Later was risen
    So we could be forgiven

    Be a witness of The Lord
    Not a victim of the world