I live, I kill, I die with you
Live, kill, die...I cry with you
Live,kill, die...I fly with you
Live, kill, die...so high with you...

I have become the fallen...who will help me stand
Why do you turn away as I am calling for your hand
I can't understand why I did the things I did
and, dang...I never should have killed that kid
A more bitter lie was never tasted
and I tell you now, no cry is wasted
The truth never changed as the lowly serpent smiled
We are the animals of the field...we are the beasts of the wild
I am a story teller, but what I tell is no tall tale
I am a glory teller, and what I tell is not for sale
GODISNOWHERE...in our direction
GODISNOWHERE...in our reflection
Good news, good news...Lord knows I need it
GOD IS NOW HERE...hey, depends on how you read it
I was confined in my mind...a mental prison
No room in the tomb for He who has risen
Mercy is as mercy was
and I am loved...just because
Beautiful faces...beautiful graces...
appearing here from most beautiful places
I may fall...you may applaud
but in the midst of it all...I call on God
The Lord holds me close, like no other
and he cries my tears when I miss my mother
and he knows I feel I let her down
The tears of a clown...on the tears of a clown
When there's no one around, God offers new hearts
Ending all my endings by beginning new starts
Parting ways with teardrops past
I crashed and burned and died so fast
Random thoughts becoming real
and I kind of miss the days when I didn't feel
Dead men tell no tales, they say
but I live to die again some other day
Resurrection...I know it to be true
I've witnessed life, then death...then life anew
My youngest was born dead, and though I've never told him
there was a fifty-fifty chance that I would never get to hold him
I know the scent, and the taste, and the color of death
and I thank you, dearest Jesus, for giving my child new breath
If you've ever read these rhymes, and you've read between the tears
then you know God brought me back...'cause I was dead for years
I was a dead man walking, a dead man talking
Knocking on the gates of hell...with blackbirds stalking
Pecking at my flesh, pecking at my bones
and pecking at my soul as they were laughing at my moans
I was the king of my cage, the words echoed through my cell
I AM MY OWN GOD...and then the false god fell
I fell far and I fell hard
because the devil's in the details of the mentally scarred
So I call on God, I read his word
The bible gives me meaning in this theater of the absurd
This is the church, this is the steeple
The bible doesn't judge people...people judge people
It is the real director's version, live and uncut
and it tells me Jesus loves me...no...matter...what...

Staring at this screen wanting a scene to play out
Three cups of caffeine and there's no way out
Five sticks of nicotine before the letters rolled out
Bartering night to write...and now I'm all souled out...