Like a frightened child holds his mommy's hand
I hold unto you, Lord
Like a puzzled child who can't understand
I ask upon you, Lord
Like a stubborn child ignores a command
I sometimes leave you, Lord
Like a brave little child making a stand
I stand before you, Lord

I stand, I bow, right here, right now
and thank you for your grace
You've brought me back from shades of black
to this most sacred place
You gave me breath as I faced death
and brought me from the edge
So now I stand and hold your hand
and to thee I do pledge
You are my King, my everything
salvation on this earth
My wings I'll spread, I'm never dead
an angel before birth
I once was lost, but any cost
is what my Lord would pay
to save my soul, to make me whole
to take my sins away
I have been blessed, I'll do my best
to live how I should live
As Christ has done, the holy Son
so too must I forgive
So too must I solely rely
on God and his great grace
Never defy, never deny
his most majestic place
Now that I've heard, the truth, the word
the choice is up to me
to keep my mind and heart confined
or set my spirit free...