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    Honored to know you before the last Poetic Sigh.She taught me there will allways be questions, and the answer can not be why. She says"I know its not fair,the only gaurantee on life,is to die,and dont be upset when you don't see everyone cry,they just know Im ready to fry, leave this world and finaly fly!"...I Learn ...Nothing is ever really free ,nobody will be able to defy.only knowing because seeing sadness amplify, when no tears fall from the eye.I cry anough for the both of us, I lmply.a river on your shoulder,you allways have an alii.there are some experiences we cant be afraid to try, and love is one of those things money just can't BUY!!" the feel of playing big than Multiply by being Delt a Hand of No Father on the Flop but Modify and win by raising a good guy that happened at a Turn on the River just to clarify.understanding. I am sure every one can identify.
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