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I left a world that hurt me

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  • I left a world that hurt me

    Good news, bad news...that's what I bring
    and I no longer hear these tears I sing
    From the inside out, let freedom ring
    I played with the Prince to do business with the King...
    Bad news, sad a man mad news
    A Mile High and falling to the city boy blues
    Sex and drugs and sex and booze
    There was a man who was sad because he had no shoes
    until he met a man who had no feet
    Now that's real deal right there, my sweet
    Upbeat, downbeat, offbeat, off beat
    Teardrops echo on the cold concrete
    and the silence leaves a most deafening sound
    So real and surreal as I was spinning around
    The Prince of Lies tries pulling me back underground
    but as my King is crowned, so let the lost be found
    Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood
    I left a world that hurt me for a love that never would
    I started thinking out loud the only thing that I could
    "The good news better be really, really good"...

    And it was, and it is, and it always will be
    because I saw the light, and the light is the key
    that unlocks the darkness locked inside of me
    Christ's the light...that sets me free...